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Corporate Lunch time Talks in Singapore

Corporate Lunchtime Talks in Singapore

This lunch talk in Singapore will teach participants powerful memory improvement techniques for rapid memorisation and recall. Our lunch talks are usually conducted in house (Client’s premises).

About The Lunch Talk in Singapore

This lunch time talk is designed to be interactive, lively and lots of fun. Participants will learn memory improvement techniques through various real life application exercises. Our lunch talk participants will be able to see immediate improvements.

Lunchtime Talk Content (60-90 Minutes)

Improve Your Memory Power Lunch Talk

Part a: The true art of memory is attention; Top 10 tips to Improve focus and concentration.

Part b: How to remember to carry out tasks at work or home.

Part c: Strategies to help you remember where you placed your daily objects.

Part d: Remember the names and faces of people.

Part e: Simple ways to memorize digits, numbers and dates.

Part f: Effective ways to memorize lists, steps & checklists.

Part g: Learn how to memorize important information for a meeting.

Part h: How Our local diet is progressively worsening our memory.

Part i: Daily 4-minute brain exercise you can do to supercharge your memory.

Part j: Minimize the risk of memory deterioration.

Part k: Examples of normal memory problems vs serious memory problems. When to seek help?

Lunch Talk Materials

Each lunch talk participants will receive:

  • Lunchtime Talks “Memory Power Handouts” (6 pages) (Printed)
  • Lunch “Talk Memory Improvement E Book” (29 pages) (Downloadable)

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